"Lin Yu" was formerly known as "Yong Yu Enterprise Co.", which was established in 1982 by Mr. Lin Yong Yu. It's been nearly 40 years since established. Our business philosophy has never changed, and it has been deeply plowing locally : "Serving customer with the best quality, inheriting good character and model". Though it does not have advanced knowledge, but has magnificent dream. With the spirit of step by step and down-to-earth in Taiwan, this dream is becoming stronger and stronger, and has its own sky.

Vision In appliance with customer's needs and growing together with customers, Lin Yu has founded from a barn to the current plant area of 11,570 square meters; It is only OEM molding process in the beginning, now we are able to handle many requirements for customers by ourself. The products were mostly sold to Japan in the beginning, Since a strictly high level of quality requirements from the customers of Japan, We have also made Improving continously in compliance with customer needs. As a result, our products can be successfully sold all over the world. Now We have transformed our main production by focusing on Hex coupling nuts for construction、automotive parts based on customized to produce products with the best quality and more closer to customer's requirement.

All employees are company's greatest asset, We hope operating the company with the concept of long-term mutual cooperation and benefit. To implement company's policy, We hire professional management consultants to improve the company's system and make it transparent. In the age of low profit、high cost, except the fixed bonus at the end of year, a mid-year bonus has been set to feedback to employees, all the purpose is for a long-term operation and social responsibility.

To expand our business and sustain operation forever, we invested more money to build factories. To reduce the load of employee and provide a better working environment, we have purchased high-precision nut multi-stroke forming machines、automatic packing facilities, combined with smart manufacturing process, insisting on the spirit of professional and transcent, to challenge ourself continously.


  • Obtained certification of TUV ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

  • Introduced ERP.

    Build new plant with an area of about 10,000 square meters

  • Changed the purpose of Land use and converted the land to legal industrial Land.

  • Hire professional management consultants to plan the company's businessmodel and future direction.

    In order to reduce labor costs and detection failure, we have introduced optical soting machines.

  • Purchased more Nut formers size above 30B, It's BF-41B and CBP-206L.

    Under the strong demand of customers, we established a Machining department in the same year.

  • Obtained certification of NSF ISO 9001.

  • In order to provide more stable requirement for customers and increase production capacity. The second plant was built.

    Purchased more Nut formers size above 30B,it's LS-36B, to make the manufacturing range wider.

    In order to serve customer’s needs more accurate, the packing department was established in the same year.

  • Not only OEM, we start to take orders and export products by ourself.

  • Transforming business item, by focusing on Hex coupling nuts for construction、Automotive parts, based on OEM.

  • Changed company name to "Lin Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd."

  • Established "Yong Yu Enterprise " in the barn, main product was nylon insert lock nuts.